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 Equipment List

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PostSubject: Equipment List   Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:05 pm

Name: Shuriken/Sword hidden in the hand/手裏剣
Description: They are sharpened, four-pronged metal stars, useful for throwing. Although small, they can be used to distract, or, if accurate enough, can be deadly. They have an open circle in the center, used for grabbing with a finger, to avoid cutting oneself, or to put thread through. The circle is also a benefit in aerodynamics, as it ensures more accurate trajectories.
Effect: -5 Health of target per Shuriken. Consumable.
Cost: 100 ryo

Name: Kunai/クナイ
Description: It is a black dagger designed for thrusting and stabbing, though it can still do some damage if thrown despite not being designed for it, and is about the length of one's hand.
Effect: +10 Atk. -20 Health of target if thrown. Consumable if thrown.
Cost: 1000 ryo

Name: Sword/Tōken/刀剣
Description: A long, bladed weapon used for combat.
Effect: +10 Atk +5 Spd.
Cost: 3000 ryo

Name: Exploding Tags/Kibaku Fuda/起爆札
Description: Exploding tags are scraps of paper inscribed with a special writing, centering around the kanji for "explode" (爆, baku). Infused with chakra, they will explode after a set amount of time, remotely, or after being ignited by flame. The tags can be attached to a surface or wrapped around a weapon to be thrown at an enemy. They are very versatile and one of the basic ninja tools. Ninja can confuse their enemies by obtaining fake exploding tags. They work even under heavy rain.When an exploding tag is detonated remotely, ninja use the "Snake" hand seal. Similarly, when used remotely, exploding tags can be detonated in sequence, allowing them to be used to trap opponents.
Effect: -50 Health when it explodes per Exploding Tag. Can be attached to a Kunai or other kinds of objects. Consumable.
Note: Needs 1 turn to set.
Cost: 1000 ryo

*Consumables are one use items

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Equipment List
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