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 Clothing List

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PostSubject: Clothing List   Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:07 pm

Name: Cloak
Description: Cloaks are actually some of the most versatile clothing available to ninjas. They can serve many purposes, such as being ceremonial clothing, a sign of status, to conceal one's body and weapons, or as protection from weather. These can also come in a variety of designs.
RP Effect: Conceal's weapons from normal eyes view
Cost: 500 ryo

Name: Straw Hat
Description: These hats are simply circular hats made out of straw. However, these can be used to hide one's identity, or as a way to protect oneself from unpleasant weather.
Rp Effect: Conceal's one's identity.
Cost: 200 ryo

Name: Flak Jacket
Description: Flak jackets are usually worn by chūnin and jōnin over their normal clothing in most villages, although the design varies among the villages.
Rp Effect: Visible sign that you are Chunin or Jonin Rank.
Cost: 500 ryo

Name: Forehead Protector
Description: The most important article of clothing for any and all shinobi is their forehead protector. This headband signifies where the loyalty of a shinobi lies. It also signifies equality among shinobi of the same village. In order to be considered an official ninja, one must graduate and earn one of these headbands. The missing-nin of Akatsuki puts a scratch across their village symbol on these to signify their defection from that village. They can also serve a practical purpose, acting as protection for a ninja's forehead whilst in battle. Notably some shinobi aren't seen wearing forehead protectors, mainly in the Naruto filler arcs and after Sasuke left his behind after the fight at the Valley of End.
Rp Effect: Sign as a Member of One's own Village.
Cost: Free Given when you pass your Genin Exam.

Name: Hip Pouch
Description: Generic pouch worn over a half of one's rear end, although some people, mostly ANBU, wear two or three pouches. Medical pouches are larger and worn over the rear-end. Used as storage for many tools, hip pouches are necessary for holding an assortment of all the most elementary of ones ninja tools such as kunai, shuriken, scrolls and exploding tags.
Effect: Allows space for 5 items
Cost: 1000 ryo

Name: Shuriken Holster
Description: Vertically worn, rectangular pouch with two pockets, worn around the thigh. Similar to a hip pouch, the weapons holster is designed for holding kunai and shuriken only. Positioned on the thigh, the holster is conveniently placed for the quick-drawing of the kunai or shuriken they carry in combat.
Effect: Allows space for 3 Kunai and 10 Shurikens.
Cost: 1000 ryo

Name: Medical Pouch
Description: Konoha Medical Field Ninja, such as Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka, are seen sporting their own version of the hip pouch. Like their generic counterparts, the medical pouch is worn on the back of the wearer's rear. Unlike their counterparts, however, the medical pouch covers the whole width of the wearer's rear-end. This provides the field medical ninja with more space to transport medical supplies into the field to administer emergency first aid. Both Sakura and Ino also wear their tantō above their medical pouches when on missions.
Effect: Allows space for 5 Medical Kits.
Cost: 3000 ryo

*More to be added.

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Clothing List
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