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 Amnael Pre-Academy Days

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PostSubject: Amnael Pre-Academy Days   Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:50 pm

Amnael was a small boy, born into the Uchiha household. Everyone of the Uchiha treated him with respect as he was the first born son of the Clan Leader, Uchiha Madara. Someday the Uchiha foretold that Amnael would be just like his father a Strong and Intelligent Shinobi. He would be the key of the Uchiha to Victory in wars. Amnael wanted to be the leader to follow in his father's footsteps and prove himself. At a young age the Uchiha realized he had potential...potential to become even more better than his Father before him. Amnael was a Genius, He was quite analytical in everything. He entered the academy and became known as a prodigy the Uchiha of Future generations could never compete with.

Inside the academy He was at the top of the class. Amnael made many friends and had met his future team mates. There he also met the girl that would be the most important person in the world for him. Every single day he attended the academy, he had a goal to become a powerful shinobi able to learn many of the world's secrets.

His would often ask to train with his teachers in order to improve his combat abilities which would prove useful in many missions that would include battles that would have a life or death situation. Amnael wanted to learn everything and thus read many books and talked with everyone he knows about the many foundations of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu.

A student such as him could not stop at just a given information and he wanted to learn more. He graduated at the top of his classes being labeled as the Uchiha Prodigy which would surpass many of the Legendary Uchiha. After a few weeks of Graduation He received a letter pertaining to his New Team which would be formed by three Genin and a Jonin Sensei. Amnael was excited and prepared himself to meet his new teammates at the Konoha Training Grounds.

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Amnael Pre-Academy Days
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