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 Amnael Chakra Control

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PostSubject: Amnael Chakra Control   Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:32 pm

Amnael just finishing his chores at his house. Looked at the scroll his Father left him about Jutsu. "To become a Shinobi you must first master chakra control which would require you to distribute parts of your chakra onto the different parts of your body." He read this and hurried to finish his last chore which is to get fruits from a nearby tree. He walked towards it bringing the scroll along. He looked up the tree and saw the fruits. Amnael didn't realized the tree was so high and there wasn't a way for him to get up to it.

"Wait if I do what Dad said in the scroll maybe I can climb up the tree using my feet."

Amnael focused his chakra onto his feet and closed his eyes while running up to the tree. He jumped up and then began to stop. He opened his eyes and to his shock what he thought was right. Amnael was 5 feet in the air connected to the tree via his feet. He then began to slowly move his feet so he could walk up the tree. He experimented and eventually ran up to the fruits. The fruits were then put inside the bag and he went down the same way he got up.

He finished his chores and wondered if what he had just learned was possible to accomplish on water too. He headed to the nearby pond and decided to leave the fruits there for a moment. Focusing he ran and jumped into the water. To his surprise it didn't work but his other feet was above the water. Thinking he swam back to land and tried it again. This time he stabilized his chakra on his feet and slowly walked to the water.

Amnael could not believe his eyes as he was walking on water. He then prepared to run and make laps all around the pond. A few minutes later he grew tired and decided to go back home. Holding his Father's scroll he smiled as now he has mastered Chakra Control.

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Amnael Chakra Control
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