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 Traveling rules

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PostSubject: Traveling rules   Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:32 am

  • For every 20 speed, Players can travel to the adjacent square outside of their own village/compound. For every travel instance, there is a 2 hours real-time interval for any players to intercept a traveling player's instance.

  • A successful traveling instance in open areas will only be subjected to approval after the 2 hour interval. Should an interception happen, approval will only happen depending on outcome of interception.

  • Players can travel faster by adding their chakra stat to their speed. However, should they be intercepted, they will begin with -10 CP in the battle.

  • For every 5 speed, Players can travel to the adjacent square inside of their own village/compound.

  • For open world traveling, Players are to list down the coordinates that they will be traveling on, only traveling to adjacent squares is allowed.
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Traveling rules
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