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 Clone jutsu

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PostSubject: Clone jutsu   Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:38 am

Name: Clone Technique
Rank: E
Spec Type: Ninjutsu
Appearance: A ninjutsu that creates an intangible copy of one's own body, without any substance. Since the clone itself doesn't have the ability to attack, and thus can only be used to confuse the enemy, it is mainly used in combination with other ninjutsu These clones can be easily distinguished by persons with dōjutsu. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones do not have shadows and will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement.
Handseals: Ram → Snake → Tiger
Duration: 1 post
Cost: 5CP
Range: Clones are wander up to 5 meters around user.
Stat Boosts:
What it does:

  • Creates a clone that dissipates upon contact
  • Clone can't use any jutsu at all.
  • Clone have stats of user.

Character Specific:

  • No handseals.

Canon or Custom:
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Clone jutsu
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