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 General Ninja Rank Rules

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PostSubject: General Ninja Rank Rules   Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:09 pm

  • Each Kage in village is responsible for setting up their own promotion methods. For instance, It is not staff's problem if a kage decided to only promote kunoichi.

  • In turn, for instance, a jounin in village A might not equate in strength to a jounin in village B.

  • Generally Kage are free to use kinjutsu with no bounty incurred. Should anything happen from using kinjutsu at their level its proper reason for village wars in the least.

  • Any rank below Kage are subjected to incur bounty/punishment if kinjutsu is not used with proper authorization. However, these conditions are set by the kage as well.

  • Rank titles are not limited. If a kage wants to be called a chicken so be it.

  • Each kage will make a topic-to-be-sticky for Ninja rank rules for their own village.

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General Ninja Rank Rules
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