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 Copy Wheel Eye, Sharingan

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PostSubject: Copy Wheel Eye, Sharingan   Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:46 pm

Bloodline Name: Sharingan
Originating Clan: Uchiha

What it does:

  • Differentiate chakra signature
  • Reaction speed + 20
  • Ability to learn techniques used by others during fights with 100% success rate. However, the requirement to use it still applies.
  • Ability to mimic physical movement if user has equal or greater speed compared to enemy.
  • Gains genjutsu: Sharingan jutsu

Action Cost:

  • 1 CP per post for natural, can be deactivated.  
  • 3 CP per post for implanted, can't be deactivated.

How to unlock:

  1. In missions/death matches, when a uchiha player has less than 10% HP.  
  2. Taking a killing blow for a teammate/kin and survive.
  3. Witness the death of a friend/teammate that has at least 250 stats ( cannot be an NPC ). If found using your own characters or using someone else's character for this sole purpose the sharingan will be revoked.

For 1) and 2), a mod/admin will roll 100. If the result is 20 or less sharingan will be activated. This will only occur once per topic. Method 3) is a guarantee.

  • For implanted users, all jutsus are used with a +20 CP
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Copy Wheel Eye, Sharingan
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