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 Copy Wheel Eye, Sharingan

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PostSubject: Copy Wheel Eye, Sharingan   Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:46 pm

Bloodline Name: Sharingan
Originating Clan: Uchiha

What it does:

  • Differentiate chakra signature
  • Reaction speed + 20
  • Ability to learn techniques used by others during fights with 100% success rate. However, the requirement to use it still applies.
  • Ability to mimic physical movement if user has equal or greater speed compared to enemy.
  • Gains genjutsu: Sharingan jutsu

Action Cost:

  • 1 AP per post for natural, can be deactivated.  
  • 3 AP per post for implanted , can't be deactivated.

How to unlock:

  1. In missions/death matches, when a uchiha player has less than 10% HP.  
  2. Taking a killing blow for a teammate/kin.
  3. Witness the death of a friend/teammate ( cannot be an NPC ). If found using your own characters or using someone else's character for this sole purpose the sharingan will be revoked.

For 1) and 2), Before defending the killing blow, a mod/admin will roll 100. If the result is 20 or less sharingan will be activated. This will only occur once per topic.

  • For implanted users, all jutsus are used with a +20 AP
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Copy Wheel Eye, Sharingan
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