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 Skill Creation Template

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PostSubject: Skill Creation Template   Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:21 am

  • Skills are unique traits shinobi learn through experience, and training, the most common being advanced senses, or a greater proficiency in a field of jutsu.  

  • Shinobi starts with 3 skill slots. Subsequent skill slots are given by activity.
  • To train a skill, one must preforms a training post minimum 1,000 words of training to try learning it. Some goes to replacing a skill.

  • Learning a skill can also come from training of mentioned fields in the skill.

  • All skills must be kept basic.

  • Know the difference between skills, and jutsu, if you have to do hand signs, and it does its own effect, then it's a jutsu.

  • Passive Skills cannot buff someones main stats. It can boost sub stats to a total of 50 and stacks separately from active boosters.

  • Sub stats are ones reaction time, poison resistance, etc. When applying to jutsu, it can go with jutsu range, power/speed, durations.

  • Active skills that have a trigger, such as when you take so much damage blank happens, can boost ones stats. As to how much stats available for allocation, it will be given by mod/admin during grading.

  • You can have one additional active skill in play for every 200 base stats you have at any point of time. Limit is 1 if you have less than 200 base stats.

  • Skills used to boost ones jutsu proficiency can only be learned should the character have the specialty of what they wish to increase.

  • Stacking of active skills are counted towards overall amount of active boosters.

  • A skill is limited to only one ability, certain branch aspects can be added should the staff allow it.  IE; A skill that increases your senses can in turn also increase your reaction time since it makes sense for them to go hand in hand.

  • Skills cannot lower the cost of using jutsu.

  • Do not write an end in such a way you would learn the skill for sure. After your post, a mod/admin will determine whether you have learn it.

Fill out the following template in a new topic:
Skill Template:
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Skill Creation Template
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