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 Familiar Creation template

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PostSubject: Familiar Creation template   Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:31 pm

  • Familiars are unique creatures you share a bond with, these creatures grow with the player throughout their life. You can have unlimited bonds, be a tamer if you want but be warned that each subsequent bonds are harder to acquire.  Should your familiar die, you can have another when you are getting jutsu slots.

  • You obtain a familiar via undertaking missions and a staff member will decide the outcome of getting a familiar at the end of topic.

  • Familiars can only be normal animals, they cannot bend elements and become a summon in terms of power.

  • Familiars do not have chakra, thus it will always be at 0.

  • Familiars start with 1 stat in every field.

  • Familiars gain half of the stats you gain by training with you. Stats are 100% gotten by training if it has below 240 stats.

  • Familiars, upon registry, can have 5 powers that are specific to them, this can be either an amplification to their abilities, or an attack they preform. These must make sense for your familiar to have, a wolf can get better senses, but cannot breath fire. Subsequent abilities have to be trained for like jutsus.

  • The animal you pick has its natural abilities atop their five powers, birds can fly, fish can swim, etc.  Swimming and flying speed is the average of speed and strength.

  • The familiar can only be in topics with you, it cannot do solo actions.

  • The familiars, although they cannot speak human tongue, can understand vocal orders and hand signs from their master as it is assumed they were trained as such.

  • Should the character die, the pet will be protective over their body and can, if words are done with it, go to people whom have been introduced to it by its owner, such as their siblings.  If no one was close to the owner, the pet goes back into the wild if the body is buried, or will stay with them until the pet dies as well if no one finds the body.

Use the template below in a new topic:



[color=red][b]Unique Abilities:[/b][/color]
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Familiar Creation template
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