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 Summon Creation Template

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PostSubject: Summon Creation Template   Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:24 pm

For summoning techs that summoned pact creatures, you must first make a pact with the summoned race. In order to do so, there are 3 ways:

  • Born with the ability to (Fate Roll of 2 or below).
  • Learn from those born with the ability to.
  • Learn from event scrolls

Initial Limits of a summon:

• Those born with the ability to have contract summons are allowed to search for them for 500 words. Do note that search is not guaranteed success.

• Players are allowed to gain a summoning contract from those who had it for 500 words. Both parties must be agreeable for this option.

• Event scrolls automatically gives you the ability to have contract summons.

• Jutsus and elements for summons are trained in the same way as ninjas. You cannot write in a way that they will learn the technique successfully. This only applies to summoning pact creatures.

• Non-summoning pact creatures have no elements and jutsus.

• If another player have the same race contract, you cannot summon an active summon of the other player.

• You may only have one contract signed at a time.

• Summons can be killed in battle, but if they are  they automatically de-summon themselves as a protection.

• Summons can be de-summoned manually but you must use activation cost to bring them back. Automatic de-summons include.

  • Dealt heavy damage (10% HP / 50 HP whichever is lower)
  • It runs out of CP/SP.

• Summons have free will, due to this even if the summoner is knocked out the summon can remain on the field and option to protect them.

• Each player, upon being able to summon, can summon the contract keeper without training.

Fill out the following  template with a new topic:

[b][color=red]Contract Race:[/color][/b]

[b][color=yellow]Jutsu Power:[/color][/b]



[b][color=green]Passive Abilities:[/color][/b]

[b][color=green]Requirements: [/color][/b]
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Summon Creation Template
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