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 Bloodline Creation Template

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PostSubject: Bloodline Creation Template   Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:43 pm

Bloodlines are what a clan member is born with, such bloodlines include the Sharingan, and the Byakugan.  The only ones capable of starting with these bloodlines are those that are born with it, should one wish to obtain the bloodline then they must have it implanted into them.

• All transplants must be done through medical ninjutsu.

• In order to obtain a bloodline, or an element through transplants, a large portion of the target must be transplanted into your body.  Such examples are replacing your arm with the other persons, or replacing a large section of your body.  Reference for this is Danzo Shimura, and Madara Uchiha transplanting Hashirama's cells into their body.

• Transplanted bloodline may have weaker boost and drawbacks.

• When you do obtain a bloodline, you must spend 1,000 words topic training it, and adjusting it to your body since you are not a pure host before you can use any jutsu for it. This includes Dojutsu since if someone gains a power, they are not going to instantly know how to use it. Also, you must do another 1,000 words topic fro recovery after any transplant to allow the body to adjust to the new DNA and properly heal, this can be done back and forth with others counting their posts as well to pass the time.

• You can have any number of bloodlines you want. However, should transplanted bloodlines drawbacks causes either base health or base stamina to hit as low as 20 or lower without even using them, its instant death via mutation for your character.

Passive Bloodline amplifications have the capability to stack along with other stat boosting jutsu. However, each passive bloodline boost cannot exceed above 40.

• All custom bloodlines either start with 4 bloodline jutsus or 2 skills or a combination of both(2 jutsu, 1 skill). These skills and jutsus have to be known among all members of bloodline.

• All canon bloodlines starts with what the canon bloodline already have.

Make a new topic with the following template:

[b][color=yellow]Bloodline Name:[/color][/b]
[b][color=yellow]Originating Clan:[/color][/b]

[b][color=red]What it does:[/color][/b]
[b][color=red]Action Cost:[/color][/b]


Guidance to certain fields in the template:
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Bloodline Creation Template
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