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 stat rules

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PostSubject: stat rules   Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:22 pm

Stats are broken down into five categories, these categories show what your character is capable of.

• Each character can have a maximum of 390 stats. This excludes stats gained from events.

• Natural stat allocation cannot surpass 100 in a single field, and cannot be lower than one. This excludes stats gained from events as well.

• Active stat boosters from Jutsu, items, bloodlines and skills are allowed.

• Max stat characters gain a bonus success rate at certain forms of training.

• Stats normally are obtained through training, this done at 100 words per stat. Take note that you must have the majority of your post be you training to actually get stats, if you spend 3/4 the topic in your house cleaning then go outside and jump rope, you are not going to be granted stats.

• Stats can also be gained via medical surgery. However, all medical surgery will come with a risk.

• Stats can also be awarded during events, so keep your eyes out.

Now to each specific stats:



Chakra / Stamina


Jutsu Power






Side Stats

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stat rules
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