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 Rasengan/ Spiralling Sphere

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PostSubject: Rasengan/ Spiralling Sphere   Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:47 pm

Name: Rasengan
Type: Ninjutsu/Offensive
Chakra Cost:
RR: 30.
RP: Chakra stat of 30. 3 uses per topic. Adds +1 use for every subsequent 30 stats.
RP: Reach: Stamina stat in meters. Range: Melee
Description:  The compacted nature and moving speed of the chakra allows the Rasengan to grind into whatever it comes in contact with to inflict major damage. This tends to launch the target spiralling backward after being hit or, if the target is lying on the ground or being launched to the ground, the destructive force is enough to form a crater.
Requirements: None.
Effect: Roll chakra stat, result must be 40 or more. Dmg = (Chakra/2 + Roll Result)*4 . IAS: Speed Stat.
Mastery:  None.

Ways to get it:
1) Learn from a player who agrees to teach. Both must RP in a learning topic. Learner must perform Technique damage of at least half the Technique damage the teacher does.
2) Defeat Minato alone.
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Rasengan/ Spiralling Sphere
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