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 Uzumaki Nikato Pre-Academy Days

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Uzumaki Nikato

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Nikato Pre-Academy Days   Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:11 pm

Uzumaki Nikato, a prankster, a joker, a lonely person who wants to be recognized. This was the boy who will be known to be an awesome ninja, one who's determination to become the Hokage would be unmatched, he would be the one who would try his hardest to become the Hokage, he would be the one to hold that title with honor and pride, he would be the one who would become known for his efforts and above all he is the one who would strive for peace, this was the boy of the long lost legend. People in the village of Konohagakure no Sato were calling him an unwanted guest, since he was the worst person to have around, then again he was the one who's parents were killed, when he had turned the age of ten, he was going to bring the Uzumaki name back up from the ashes at that would be his duty as the last remaining Uzumaki, he would become the Hokage and he will win those who want to ruin the peace. He then awoke and got up from his bed, it appeared that he was dreaming about becoming the Hokage, he was laughing hard and was gasping for air as he had realized that this dream will be hard to be achieved, he was about the age of four when he was sent to the academy, he had failed the genin exam for the past four years, this thought had made him laugh even harder, he had to still past that blasted genin exam. This whole thing about becoming a ninja started when his father had sent him to the Academy to learn how to become a ninja and that he might takeover from his spot as the Hokage, the feeling of his father towards Nikato becoming a ninja changed when he found that his son had failed the exam twice in two years, this then made his father want to withdraw him from the academy but before his father could his father was murdered, this made Nikato strive hard to become a ninja and this also made Nikato want to become the Hokage and help the Uzumaki name to raise once again. He then awoke from his daydream as he noticed that he was late for his genin exam, he then ran towards his cupboard and opened it and then he took out his black jacket with the orange on the parts that were lose like the sleeves and where you open it, he then put on his black tracksuit pants and his black shoes and made his way to the academy, he then entered the academy after minutes of walking, he then entered his class and got ready to take the exam and by the end of the exam he had ended up as being the person to pass but at the bottom of the class, that meant that he had just passed he exam, he then waited for him to be assigned to a team but all he got was a piece of paper that told him to meet his team in the konoha training grounds later that same day, this would be one exciting day thought Nikato as he made his way towards the training grounds.
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Uzumaki Nikato Pre-Academy Days
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