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 Maikeru's Third Basic Jutsu

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Shinobi Name: Uchiha Maikeru

PostSubject: Maikeru's Third Basic Jutsu   Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:52 am

Name of Jutsu: Bunshin no Jutsu / Clone Technique / Clone Jutsu
Class: E Rank
Chakra Cost: 5
Range: Close
Classification: Ninjutsu / Bunshinjutsu
Exclusive to: None
Requirements: None
Activation: Random Roll Defense, Result must be more than half of opponents speed.
Description: This technique creates intangible copies of the user. The clones are simply illusions and will dissipate when they come into contact with something.
Weakness: Byakugan and Sharingan
Effect: Previous attack is negated. Does not work if the opponent has Byakugan, Sharingan, Rekei, or any other item that states it negates this Jutsu.

Learning Roll
Random number (1,100) :
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Number of posts : 18
Join date : 2011-05-15

Character sheet
Shinobi Name: Uchiha Maikeru

PostSubject: Re: Maikeru's Third Basic Jutsu   Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:25 am

Pass: 60%


Colour Means
"RED" Maikeru Talking
*DARK RED* Maikeru Thinking
"GREEN" Sensei Talking
"TEAL" Hyuuga Hisae Talking
"OLIVE" 6 Clone Uchiha Talking

Maikeru was in class, as there sensei was teaching everyone the clone jutsu.
"First i want you to learn these hand seals"
the chunin demostrated the Ram Snake and Tiger hand seals
"i want you all to practice thoes for a few munites"
[Only admins are allowed to see this image][Only admins are allowed to see this image][Only admins are allowed to see this image]

"ok now lets practice the jutsu, i want you to try and picture copys of yourself next to you in your head then bring your chakra around your body the best you can and make the han d seals"

The class were exited as ever to learn a new jutsu, and there where several studnet maikeru new would do this easly, each student got called up alphabeticly last names first, which of course ment maikeru was between two Uchiha.

First up was an Aburame
*Acording to my dad this kids got a rare gift even in his clan; aparently he can tame other insects, its amazing how powerfull he could become*
He walked to the front of the class and made the seals, suddenly creating 2 clones of himself, canciling them and walking out of the classroom to avoid peoples eyes.
"Um.. Good, well done.. Next"

Student after student created clones, some people got colouring mixed up, or facial expreasions. But the best had to be the giant clones with butterfly wings created by the Akimichi, he didnt pass but it was a sight to see and scared a few of the students.
Next was Hisae, she looked really nurvous espesialy having a branch memeber in the class watching hopfully for somthing great, she closed her eyes and opend them with determination before making the hand seals and creating a room full of clones, all looking identical.
"A-amazing you pass, you can leave if you like"
"I-i'll Stay and watch if i can?"

Several more students went next eventually coming to the senbon user from the projectial training, she make the seals creating 5 clones with perfect definition. but one of the uchiha threw his pencil threw two of them dispersing them.
"Oi, what if you hit her!"
"i was hoping to"
He laughed with several other students following him
"Dentention tomorrow, and your up next by the way"
"yeah i know"
he got up and moved to the front of the class, made the seals and created 6 clones with as mutch detail as the girl before him
"fine you can leave nowhe walked to the exit meeting the other girl at the door
"see your nothing special, even average uchiha surpase regular talent"
The girl ran through the doors with the uchiha following slowly after.
"Ok Next"

Maikeru got up, and walked to the front of the class, he turned to face the seats, seeing only two uchiha, a Yamanaka, students who failed the jutsu and Hisae still sat there.
*ok focus, start with my chakra..*
Maikeru focused his chakra around his body and then made 3 quick handseals before creating 4 clones around him.
"good, you pass"
"M-maikeru can you come here for a moment"
Maikeru walked to hisae
"i want you two watch the last two of your clan"

Maikeru sat and watched, next was a student who was the son of two elites, he stood there and tryed the jutsu with a smug look and failed to create 1 decent clone, instead made 2 failed copys, his face grew red as he returned to his seat the next was the last uchiha he managed to make 2 good quality clones, and left shortly after, the Yamanaka made 4 clones just like Maikeru, and walked out the door, maikeru and hisae left as the chunin started the catch up lesson for the students who failed.
"I-i'll see you tomorrow"
Hisae left with a smile on her face, and Maikeru headed home.
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Maikeru's Third Basic Jutsu
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