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 Uchiha Maikeru's Pre-Acadamy Days

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Shinobi Name: Uchiha Maikeru

PostSubject: Uchiha Maikeru's Pre-Acadamy Days   Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:53 am

Colour Means
"RED" Maikeru Talking
*DARK RED* Maikeru Thinking
"GREEN" Sensei Talking
"ORANGE" Student 1 Talking
"BROWN" Student 2 Talking
"YELLOW" Student 3 Talking
"OLIVE" Uchiha Girl Talking
"CYAN" Maikeru's Mom Talking
"BLUE" Maikeru's Dad Talking

At the age of 6 Maikeru was entered into the ninja acadamy along with many Uchiha of his age, upon joining the Acadamy Maikeru relaised how 'Pure' Uchiha treated him, they belived that just because he had there last name doesn't mean hes one of them. On his first day they sat a small test to see what kind of knowledge they already had.

They asked the following things:
1) Whats is chakra
2) Name a Jutsu
3) Name a ninja tool
4) Name a clan
5) Name a Bloodline

as presumed by the chunin sensei most students could not answer more than 3 of these questions and the ones that could where menbers of the Uchiha or Hyuuga clan and none of them could answer the first question.

"well not a bad year if i do say so"
"But nobody got 100%, how is it a not bad year?"
"because these are some off the things we teach you and you all know at least 1 jutsu, 1 ninja tool and a clan"

The class grinned to each other the none Uchiha students shot a few glares at the group of uchiha sitting at the back talking smack about the quality of student aand how only they where worthey of praise.

"ok now well start with question 1 on the paper, What is chakra."

-----------------After The lesson-------------------------

Maikeru went to the training grounds to eat his lunch, Upon reaching the grounds a group of students where practicing their Shurriken Jutsu.

"Hey lets move somwhere else"
"huh. why?"
"That Kids an Uchiha"
-----------------Everyone leaves------------------------

Maikeru sat down staring at the targets, the shurriken where spot on, he didn't know how they could feel threatend by a uchiha, as he thought that a group of students walked in and looked at the targets.

"pathetic, its like they dont want to get better"

Maikeru was baffeled by her comment, she was clearly a Uchiha, she must be in an older year because she has her sharingan.

"I think your wrong, thats a perfect throw"

The Girls eyes grew wide with shock and turned to face maikeru, when she dd a smirk grew across her face.
" i guess you would, your as talantless as them, your not up to my standards just you remember that."

The rest of the students laughed and hung on to everything the female uchiha said and did, they where clearly not uchiha one boy had bright yellow hair, looking quite simmilar to the 4th but his green eyes made him seem more like a Haruno.

The group kept laughing not realising the uchiha had left without them and paniced seriously when they did, it looked hysterical.
Maikeru smirked a little as they ran of to find there idol.

-----------------------That day at home------------------------

"So son how was your first day? make any friends"

Maikerus Heart went wild, how could he tell his farther that nobody liked him
"Umm.. it was ok but i never really spoke to anyone"

"Thats not good, you need to be more vocal stand out more try talking to people in our clan"

*Oh the same clan members that bully the other students and dislike me because im not full uchiha*
"ye-yeh i will dad, ill try harder tomorrow, im just going to go study"

"Hun, i think hes getting trouble at the acadamy"

"dont be rediculous he's got both our blood, how could anyone give him trouble hes a bridge for the uchiha to the rest of the Vill-"

"no hes not, hes a child, who isnt a full part of either community, we dont know what people think"

-----------------------2 years Later------------------------

"Heres your report cards everyone"

Subject Score Rank
Ninjutsu 100 1
Taijutsu 100 2
Genjutsu 80 1
Knowledge 80 3
Team 60 8
Total 410 2

Maikeru looked over his Report card, with releaf, if it wasnt for the Hyuuga he became friends with his team work would have been terreble, and seeing that shes the only oe to beat him in taijutsu hes happy, now his clan will have to show him some respect.

at that moment maikerus sensei spoke
"everyone who has a totel lower than 370 can head on home i cant wait to teach you next year"

after the class emptyed out and their was only 6 students left the chunin spoke again.
"congratulations, you all have passed the acadamy"

the room was silent with shock, the people here had only been in the acadamy for 2 years and they are already acepted as genin..

"you have some of the highest scores in the school so you will be graduating along with the other year, congratulations"

maikeru looked around to see 2 other Uchiha, Hyuuga Hisae, and another hyuuga along with a senju.

"congratulations your familys have been notifyed you can head on home"

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Uchiha Maikeru's Pre-Acadamy Days
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