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 Uchiha Maikeru's Chakra Control

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PostSubject: Uchiha Maikeru's Chakra Control   Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:53 am

Rank: C
Rewards: 300 exp 3000 ryo
To Finish: Roleplay your Shinobi practicing Chakra Control by Climbing on Trees and Walking on Water using Feet.

Colour Means
"RED" Maikeru Talking
*DARK RED* Maikeru Thinking
"GREEN" Sensei Talking
"TEAL" Hyuuga Hisae

Maikeru got to the training grounds when instucted by his chunin sensei he arived before most of the other students for todays lesson.
*i wonder what he's going to have us learn this time...*

The Rest of the students started to enter the grounds all grouping together and staying away from the few Uchiha in the class, the Uchiha of course did the same with Maikeru Keeping there distance and grouping together.

The sensei coughed signaling to the students to listen now, "ok today im going to be teaching you something very fundamental, without it you will be at a huge disadvantage and will be and open target to experianced ninja" The chunin then walked over the the lake and kept walking until he was standing five meters in.

*Finaly chakra control training, i have been waiting for this.*

The students around him looked in awe as their sensei was walking on water.

"ok now this is what i will hope for you to be able to do, but first i will start you of on a simpler version"
she walked back to them and turned to face a tree, close here eyes momenteraly, she began to walk tothe tree and then straight up the trunk verticaly, upon reaching the top she say on the branch and looked down at her students, "all you need to do is focus your chakra to your feet and it will stick you to the tree, you can work the rest out im sure. oh and you might want to start with a run."

*im sure i can do this* Maikeru closed his eyes concentrating his chakra "ok focus" he opened his eyes slowly focusing on the tree and ran at the trunk, his foot conecting with the bark and he shot up the tree, the wind blew across his face, making him grin.
*Im doing it*
maikerus foot slipped on a crack in the bark and he lost his footing quickly falling down the tree, he thought about what his sensai said and consentrated his chakra to his hand, slaming it against the trunk the force blasting him away from the tree with enough force to help him stick the landing.
*i need to stay focused until i make it to the top, gahh im and idiot*

*ok again*
He closed his eyes and focused, he opened his eyes and studyed the tree, he saw where the crack was and how long it is.
"about 3 meters then i change my chakra back to what it was"
He ran again att the tree, his foot connecting with the trunk again with good power and boosting the speed he moved significantly, as he was racing the top he reached the crack, as his foot connected he closed his eyes and increased his chakra and opened his eyes as he kept on running after the 3 meters which he coved easly he lowered his chakra still moving and reaching the top to sit on a branch.
he looked around as every uchiha there was still working at it, but he had been betten by a hyuuga, a younge girl she looked quite reserved and quite but she had unbelivable chakra control.
*it must be the gental fist style, dad did say its based on stopping their oponents chakra with their own, she must be really good*

after a few more munites the chunin decided to let the rest of the class continue to try and climb the trees she called maikeru and the hyuuga girl whos name was Hisae Hyuuga.
"ok so you two are the best at chakra control so lets start on this part, ill tell you its a lot harder. First you have to use enough chakra to keep yourself pushed above the water, but because when you do this you move the water bellow you.. meaning what?"

"you need to keep changing you chakra output?"

"Correct, so i want you both to try that now, but before i get you both drenched in water.."
The chunin pulled out a summoning scroll and touched it once, summoning a large but quite shallow Pool
"if you fail here you will only be wet to your ankels so practice to your hearts content"

*i guess i need to focus completly on this one*
Maikeru focused his chakra to his feet and placed them in one at a time, he quickly started to slide across the water and his chakra pushed the water beneath him away, until he reached the side and fell out of the pool
he hit the ground with a thud, and as he looked back Hisae was standing perfectly still on the water
"Thats Amazing"
Hisae opened her eyes to look and fell into the pool
"im sorry i didnt mean to distract you"
"i-its alright, im o-ok"
"is the water really that cold? please get out and dry yourself youll catch a cold in there"
Hisae got out and sat down with a towel over her.
"ok now you try again, and try to spread your chakra across the whole of your feet to keep yourself in place and try to use as little chakra as you need to avoid to much water being pushed away bellow your feet"

Maikeru focused his chakra again and stood on the water in the pool, his chakra spread evenly across his feet and pushing only a little water away, he stayed with his eyes closed before he thought about moving, he began to lift his foot and focused more chakra to the other, he then opened his eyes and took a step, returning his chakra back to its basic when he put his foot down, he quickly decided to walk to the edge and try the lake, doing so easly.

"i think im ready"

His sensei looked back to the class where most of them had climbed the tree now, she then looked back at Hisae who was walking on the pool easly now Maikeru had gotten of it.
"ok you and Hisae move to the lake as i show these what to do next"

Maikeru and Hisae both walked over to the lake and make short work of walking on it and decided to try to run, both acomplished it easly and before long they where jumping and throwing shurriken at the trees they had paracticed on.
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Maikeru's Chakra Control   Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:15 pm


300 exp

3000 ryo

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Uchiha Maikeru's Chakra Control
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