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 The Code of Conduct

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Kairus Utsuri

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PostSubject: The Code of Conduct   Fri May 06, 2011 12:40 am

1. No Flaming - Please do not flame in this forum... at all. Even in the most heated discussions. This disrupts gameplay, and also prevents the upholding of a friendly player community. Flaming once will get you a warning, from another Moderator or myself. Any further offences in the time span of a month, will result in a fine (90% of your ryos and a 5 level drop).

2. Good Grammar - You will try your best to post in logical and grammatical sequences. You will not lazily post words like y instead of why, or hu instead of who. It all honesty, it isn't saving time, it's wasting time. No consequences to breaking this rule, however I suggest to follow it, to better our community. Moderators are obliged to point out when it seems that someone is not doing there best. This brings me to my next rule.

3. Disrespectful Comments - Do not disrespect another player. If they do not understand something, explain it to them without condescension. Do not insult someone's creativity or storyline. They worked hard on it (hopefully). Do not post grammar nazi comments. They are rude and to some, offensive. If the post you would have referred to is actually that terrible, you may politely point out, that it is hard to understand, and perhaps aid them, or suggest they redo it.

4. Personal Information - Do not post your own, or anyone else's personal information. If you do post it on this board, be reminded that any and all that should be caused by this course of action is not legally this board's fault. If you post someone else's personal information without their consent, they may file a complaint against you, and the penalty will be suspension, or deletion of character and account, as well as a permanent ban from these boards (depending on the severity of your actions, a jury of moderators and administrators of this board will decide your punishment).

5. Discussion of Illegal Activities - No threads are to be made about any severely illegal activities. If the offense is serious enough, the result will be a ban fro these boards. If not, you will be issued a warning, with no further consequences.

6. Placement of Threads - Please places threads in the correct section. It makes everyone's job to navigate the forums much easier. There is no penalty for an offense, however I ask that you please consider the ease of others.

Any and all punishments may be appealed, however keep in mind that the interpretation of this list of rules is entirely up to me, Kairus Utsuri, and all other Administrators at the time. The changing of this disclaimer by any Administrator besides Amnael must be pre-approved by either me or Amnael.

Any questions about these rules should be sent in a Personal Message to me, specifically.
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The Code of Conduct
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