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 Kugamai Yamashiro Chakra Control

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Kugamai Yamashiro

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PostSubject: Kugamai Yamashiro Chakra Control   Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:43 pm

Kugamai enters the Konohagakure training grounds. He walks over, and sets his belongings on the ground beside a training dummy.

"Where to start...." he thinks to himself out loud. "I've got to meet the standards of this village to be able to progress... so I've got to get to work."

He ponders a minute, tapping his chin. He turns around slowly surveying the area before he notes some trees next to a slow-paced stream.

"Perfect! I'll start with chakra control!" He gathers his items, and rushes over towards his desired location. After dropping his bag next to a tree, he walks over to the bank of the stream, and places his hands in front of his chest.

Kugamai begins concentrating hard... swirls of chakra slowly leak out of his body rounding his form several times. The swirls at first very loose... now growing tighter around his form, as he masters his concentration. As his eyes open, the chakra streams disperses and focuses around his feet, leaving small blue outlines around them.

He focuses his eyes on the stream now, walking towards it confidently. Stepping one after the other, his feet slowly submerge a tad, but stay solid supporting his body above the flowing stream. He smiles softly... as he leans with the flow of the water. His feet angle in the water slightly, the water splashing against his angled feet, causing pressure against his heels, and causing him to slide atop the water with it.

After gaining some momentum with the stream, he jumps outwards towards the bank, catching his foot on one of the tree trunks, causing his body to slide a bit on the trunk, and slipping around the base of the tree before planting his second foot into the bark. His chakra still concentrated around his feet, causing him to stand totally horizontal on the tree trunk.

"Awesome... Haven't lost it." he smirks, as he leaps off of the tree, back towards the direction of his belongings. He wipes his forehead, as the chakra from his feet disappears. He walks over, scoops up his bag, and places it over his shoulder.

"Ok then... now what?"

Pain is what you make of it. Regret is what you use to achieve redemption. One day you can set all that is wrong in your life, to something better... but until then, there is nothing more powerful than perseverance, and the need for revenge.
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PostSubject: Re: Kugamai Yamashiro Chakra Control   Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:45 pm


300 exp

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2/5 of Genin Exams Completed

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Kugamai Yamashiro Chakra Control
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