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 kamesu clan

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PostSubject: kamesu clan   Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:53 pm

Name of Clan: kamesu

Founder: samae kamesu, sevryn's oldest known relative

History of Clan: the kamesu's were a clan of people that had mastered the water and sound techniques and were able to incoperate them together and made jutsu containing both of them, they were originally from the land of water but traveled to the land of sound. they were nearly wiped out because of how feared they became. Everyone knew if they were left alone they would soon have the power to wipe out anything they wanted for any reason, so the land of sound gathered its best ninja to fight and defeat them but they were still nearly outmatched by the clan. the few survivers fled to anywhere they could find and hid that they were from the clan fearing what would happen if it was found out.

Kekkai Genkai:(If Any) piercing mist

Bloodline Effect:(What your Bloodline Does) allows the user to create a area of mist and attack their opponents ears with high frequency sounds. their opponents have to deal with the sound and not being able to see very well but this also affects the user but only the mist part as the sound only is to the opponent, and as the kamesu's trained with mist since they were from the land of water.
what it looks like: the users eyes turn black with silver streaks and their hair turns white

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kamesu clan
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