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 How to make a Character

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PostSubject: How to make a Character   Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:14 pm

Do you play other RPGs?:
List down links:
Indicate how much time you will be available to play:
Time in a 24 hours, more or less:
Note: You are required to log into the game once a day and reply/post at least once a week

Shinobi Name:(Preferred to be Surname First and then Name)
Village:(Your Village)
Clan:(If any)

Allocate 15 points to through the following stats. Default stat number is 1.

Attack: +1
Defense: +1
Speed: +1
Jutsu Power: +1
Hand Seal Knowledge: +1

Make an initial story of your character. How you would like him to evolve as time progresses through these age gaps.

- 1 to 13 years
- 14 to 31 years
- 31 to beyond

Based on what you write, we will try to accommodate you. You wont be allowed to alter the main story line unless you submit something interesting and significant, or, you prove yourself as an excellent player and find your character becoming the focus of the game indefinitely.


Parent's Elemental Affinity

Your Parent's Affinity would help determine the allocations on your Affinities.

As a part of Affinity Allocation you must now choose a letter from a-c for the rolls.


Welcome to NCRPG!
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How to make a Character
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